Enhancing Employee Performance and Morale

Business Background:

A critical issue faced by an organisation involved a staff member whose performance was adversely affecting service delivery and the morale of other team members. This situation posed significant challenges not only to operational efficiency but also to the overall workplace atmosphere.

The Hr Challenge:

The primary challenge was the client’s stress and anxiety regarding the approach to address the employee’s performance issues. The lack of clarity on how to effectively tackle the problem and support the employee towards improvement was a significant hurdle. This uncertainty contributed to a prolonged period of suboptimal performance, impacting service quality and staff morale.

How We Supported the Client with HR Support:

Our support for the client began with a comprehensive consultation to understand the depth of the performance issues and their impact on the organisation. Recognising the client’s stress and uncertainty, we focused on providing a structured and supportive approach to address the situation.

  • Identification of Performance Issues: We worked closely with the client to identify the key areas where the employee’s performance was lacking. This step was crucial in establishing a clear understanding of the performance gaps and setting the stage for targeted interventions.

  • Development of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP): With the performance issues clearly identified, we assisted the client in developing a Performance Improvement Plan. This plan set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) objectives for the employee to achieve. The PIP served as a roadmap for the employee’s improvement journey, outlining clear expectations and the steps needed to meet them.

  • Provision of Further Training: Recognising the importance of support in the improvement process, we facilitated additional training for the employee. This training was tailored to address the identified performance gaps and equip the employee with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve.

  • Follow-up Meetings: To monitor progress and provide ongoing support, two follow-up meetings were scheduled with the employee. These meetings offered opportunities to review the employee’s progress against the PIP objectives, address any challenges, and provide feedback and encouragement.


The interventions led to a significant improvement in the employee’s performance. The targeted support, clear objectives set through the PIP, and further training contributed to the employee’s ability to meet and exceed the expectations outlined in the improvement plan.

Elevate Your Team’s Performance with Saxon HR

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