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Support and safeguard your business operations

Building a strong HR foundation starts with robust documentation. Our HR documentation services are designed to bring clarity, ensure compliance, and seamlessly support your organisation's operations
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Tailored HR Documentation Solutions

From crafting precise job descriptions to creating comprehensive employee handbooks, our tailored HR documentation solutions guide you through every step of cultivating a cohesive and compliant workplace environment

Why your business needs HR Documentation

Legal Protection:

Ensure compliance and minimize legal risks with precisely crafted documents.

Clarity & Understanding:

Clear guidelines promote a better understanding of policies and procedures.

Efficiency & Consistency:

Streamlined processes lead to smoother operations and consistent practices.

Employee Empowerment:

Comprehensive handbooks empower employees with necessary information.

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hr documentation helps teams thrive
hr documentation including contracts and policies
hr documentation image shoing team folling policy guidelines

Why Choose Saxon HR for Documentation?

Experience peace of mind as we customise documents to match your unique business and industry demands. Our clear, consistent approach not only minimises legal risks but also promotes better understanding, efficiency, and empowers your workforce.

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Enhancing Employee Performance and Morale


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    “Maria helped me when I needed it the most. I'd never used an HR Consultant before and I was very wary. I needn't have worried; her awareness, experience and knowledge of the care/charity sector meant we built up trust very quickly. I recommend Maria without hesitation, if you need friendly professional support and expert guidance and advice, try Saxon”.

    “I would highly recommend Maria at Saxon HR Consultancy. Her extensive knowledge of employment law led to a successful outcome and she was extremely supportive and professional through out the process. I would not hesitate you use her services again in the future.”

    “Dads Unlimited instructed Saxon HR a few months ago, and since that time Maria has become an essential part of our business/charity. She always provides clear, articulate advice and supports the needs of our organisation brilliantly. We highly recommend Saxon HR to anyone needing expert HR support”.