Streamlining Management

Business Background:

A thriving organisation found its growth potential capped by a significant structural bottleneck. With a single CEO at the helm managing a team of 12 employees directly, the absence of a formal management structure to oversee teams and handle day-to-day issues was glaring. This lack of organisational depth not only placed undue pressure on the CEO but also stifled the company’s growth and development capabilities.

The HR Challenge:

The main challenge was the organisation’s flat structure, which resulted in inefficiencies and hindered the company’s ability to scale. The CEO’s time was consumed by operational tasks, leaving little to no time for strategic planning and growth initiatives. The organisation needed a robust management framework to delegate responsibilities effectively, enhance operational efficiency, and pave the way for sustainable growth.

How We Supported the Client with HR Support:

Saxon HR engaged with the client to undertake a strategic overhaul of the organisational structure. Our collaborative approach involved:

  • Restructuring Consultation: We conducted in-depth discussions with the client to understand their long-term vision and immediate operational challenges. This enabled us to tailor a restructuring strategy that aligned with their objectives.

  • Creation of Management Roles: We designed several Head of Department roles with clear job descriptions, introducing a tier of management to bridge the gap between the CEO and the workforce. This move was aimed at decentralising decision-making and improving operational oversight.

  • Recruitment Process: Leveraging both internal talent and external candidates, we conducted a comprehensive recruitment drive. Our goal was to fill these new roles with individuals who possessed the right blend of skills and vision to drive the departments forward.

  • Training and Development: Once the roles were filled, we facilitated specialised training programs for the new Heads of Department. These sessions were crafted to equip them with the knowledge and tools needed to manage their teams effectively and contribute to the organisation’s strategic goals.

  • Workload Distribution: With the new management structure in place, tasks and responsibilities were evenly distributed among the various departments. This strategic delegation of duties freed up the CEO’s time, allowing them to focus on growth and development initiatives.


The restructuring led to remarkable outcomes. Within just 9 months, the organisation experienced a 50% growth, underscoring the efficacy of implementing a formal management structure. The CEO could now devote their energy to strategic planning and business development, propelled by the support of a competent and dedicated management team.

Is Your Organisation Ready to Scale with HR Support?

If your business is grappling with similar challenges, it’s time to consider a strategic restructuring. Saxon HR specialises in transforming organisational structures to unleash growth potential and operational excellence. Let us help you design and implement a management framework that positions your business for success.

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