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Whether you require ongoing support for your day-to-day HR needs or ad-hoc assistance for specific challenges, the HR consultants at Saxon HR are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that fit seamlessly into your business operations.

We will help you cultivate a thriving environment where your employees excel and your business flourishes.

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    Are you recruiting new staff?

    Then we can help, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to streamline your onboarding process and fuel your business success.

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    • HR Documentation

      Comprehensive HR documentation services covering contracts, policies, procedures, and handbooks tailored to your business needs

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    • HR Support:

      Versatile HR support solutions encompassing onboarding, employment mapping, absence management, troubleshooting, and employee well-being initiatives.

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    • HR Training and Development:

      Strategic HR training and development programs designed for management, employees, and strategy workshops.

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    • HR Software:

      We are working in partnership with Breathe to offer clients a fantastic, cost effective and simple to use HR system to store and manage all employee information.

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    The Benefits of Having an HR Consultant for your Business

    At Saxon HR, our mission is to empower your business by getting the best out of your people. When your team thrives, your business prospers. Our approach is built on values that ensure a stress-free, collaborative experience where we adapt to your specific needs.

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    The Saxon Way / Why Saxon HR

    Much like the Saxon people - our name embodies the essence of a fresh start, resilience, strength, unity, and passionate collaboration. Our mission is to empower your business by harnessing the full potential of your team. When your workforce thrives, your business prospers. Our approach is rooted in these values, fostering a stress-free, collaborative experience tailored to adapt to your specific needs.

    Stress-Free Solutions:

    We take away the stress associated with HR matters.

    Safety & Trust:

    You're in safe hands with us.

    Collaboration & Adaptability:

    We adapt to your business needs working closely with owners and managers.


    We're diverse and mirror your business for the best outcomes.

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