Saxon HR's Story

Empowering businesses by unlocking the power of their people

Our journey began with a vision for a fresh start, drawing inspiration from the resilience and unity of the Saxons. At Saxon HR, our driving force is centered on propelling businesses forward through solutions that prioritise people. We firmly believe that success hinges on nurturing and empowering individuals within organizations. Our commitment lies in crafting strategies and services focused on fostering a cohesive, thriving workforce. Through our people-centric approach, we pave the way for businesses to achieve sustainable growth, productivity, and success.

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Founder Story

"I started my HR career in food retail in 1999 as a HR Manager and worked in both the public and private sectors in various senior HR roles, more recently as a HR Director in the care industry.

I believe that in order to be a good HR practitioner, it’s fundamental to understand the operational challenges of the business in order to advise and guide managers and leaders in the most appropriate and effective way when dealing with people's issues.

I am a great believer in doing the right thing. In situations where difficult decisions have to be made within a business, delivering the message and managing the situation in the right way, makes a huge difference between employees feeling valued by their employer or not.

Throughout my career, it's clear that highly motivated and engaged employees are more likely to result in high performing and more profitable companies. I support clients to understand the “why” around low employee engagement and work collaboratively with clients to identify the problem and provide the solutions."