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Equip your workforce with the tools they need to excel, ensuring that your business achieves peak performance and stays ahead in the market.
"Fantastic service. Maria is so lovely and professional. Her work is efficient and well explained. Would definitely recommend her"

HR Training Solutions designed to increase knowledge and drive productivity

From enhancing managerial skills to employee development, our HR training services are bespoke to the unique demands of your business.

Why Your Business Needs HR Training and Development

Enhanced Leadership:

Well-trained managers lead to efficient teams and departments.

Employee Skill Growth:

Development programs cultivate talent and improve performance.

Strategic Alignment:

Strategy workshops align individual efforts with organizational goals.


Equip your workforce with skills necessary to adapt to changing environments.

Why Choose Saxon HR for Training and Staff Development?


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Reducing Short-Term Absences

Enhancing Employee Performance and Morale

Streamlining Management

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    “I would highly recommend Maria at Saxon HR Consultancy. Her extensive knowledge of employment law led to a successful outcome and she was extremely supportive and professional through out the process. I would not hesitate you use her services again in the future.”Would definitely recommend her

    “Dads Unlimited instructed Saxon HR a few months ago, and since that time Maria has become an essential part of our business/charity. She always provides clear, articulate advice and supports the needs of our organisation brilliantly. We highly recommend Saxon HR to anyone needing expert HR support”.

    “Abbott Construction instructed Saxon HR Consultancy from a recommendation for our Policies and Procedures. Maria proved to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and personable. We would highly recommend her”